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The Role of the Property Barrister

A property barrister is a barrister that deals mainly with UK property law – principally housing, land and real property. In fact, to be deemed a property barrister and to be registered with the professional body for property barristers, a barrister has to have written certification that more than half of the cases in which they deal with are regarding housing, land and real property.The Property Bar Association is England’s professional body for barristers specializing in property in the United Kingdom. There are almost 200 members which are deemed barristers who are members of the Property Bar Association. The Association arranges a number of training series and conferences that allow property barristers to keep up to date on the rules and regulations that govern property law in the UK.Property barristers deal with law where properties and deeds are important. This type of law can be very complex; it is one area of law where laws can stretch back hundreds and hundreds of years. When changes happen to the law, it can have great ramification for existing deeds and property.Thousands of laws have passed regarding property and property ownership, and it is the property barrister’s job to stand up for their client’s rights when it comes to property law. There could be a dispute over ownership for example. Old buildings can sometimes have deeds and titles that do not clearly delineate where ownership starts or ends. Over the years there can be significant changes to the landscape, both from natural occurring events as well as human intervention.Barristers specializing in property will therefore sometimes have to deal with some old documents, old laws, but within the context of the modern world and modern law. It is an interesting art that requires meticulous attention to detail as well as an extensive knowledge of the law and its history. Property law does also continue to change incrementally; property barristers have to keep up with what these changes mean to future cases, and be able to adapt their current knowledge to the new regime.Property law may initially seem like a dry subject for a barrister to specialize in, but the combination of the history and personal ownership can make for some interesting cases. People are extremely protective of their real property, with good reason, as they have worked hard to gain ownership of the estate. When their right of ownership comes into question, this can make for some explosive cases.